We Service A Wide Range Of Industries

Food & Production Manufacturing

Our staff is ready to work your assembly lines and specialty foods production facilities. We ensure proper training ahead of time and prepare our employees for your specific needs and workplace environment.

Restaurants, Bars & Lounges

We provide staffing solutions for restaurants and bars in need of front and back of the house staff. Our team of experienced servers, bussers, bartenders, barbacks, kitchen staff and hosts help make Atlanta area bars and restaurants some of the best in the state!


We are committed to excellence in the hospitality industry is why hotels, resorts, lounges, country clubs and caterers turn to us for all of their staffing needs. Whether you’re in search of a polished hostess, friendly and efficient housekeeping, or someone to serve breakfast, you can count on us!

Senior Living

When it comes to our loved and respected seniors, our staff always rises to the occasion. We know that senior and assisted living facilities require food service staff who understand their guests are family first. Let us help you meet their expectations.


Our team of healthcare staff are trained and pre-qualified to perform food service work and housekeeping services in hospital settings and other healthcare facilities, including rehabilitation centers.

Colleges & Universities

We let you feed the minds of our future leaders, thinkers and innovators, while we cook and serve the food. And of course clean up!